Service Level Agreements

Our Standard Service Level Agreement (SLA) is included for free with all Hosting packages.
If you need faster response times or monthly Advanced Support, benefit with our extended SLA packages.



No discount

  • 24 hrs Response time
  • * No included Advanced Support
  • $ 100 hourly rate Advanced Support
  • 24/7 Email & Phone Support



10% discount

  • 4 hrs Response time
  • * 30 min. included Advanced Support
  • $ 90 hourly rate Advanced Support
  • Downtime Monitoring



15% discount

  • 4 hrs Response time
  • * 1 hour included Advanced Support
  • $ 85 hourly rate Advanced Support
  • Downtime Monitoring



20% discount

  • 4 hrs Response time
  • * 2 hours included Advanced Support
  • $ 80 hourly rate Advanced Support
  • Downtime Monitoring


Up to 25% discount

  • 4 hrs Response time
  • * Included Advanced Support
  • As low as $ 75 hourly rate Advanced Support
  • Downtime Monitoring

Standard SLA

Our standard SLA comes with all Hosting packages with no extra costs and assures that your data stays connected by having 24/7 access to the following services:

  • 24/7 support by highly experienced people
  • Health management of the hosting infrastructure
  • Pro-active monitoring of the hosting infrastructure
  • Regular Client Area updates
  • Resolving connectivity and network issues
  • Root password reset and boot loader repair

Extended SLAs

If you need the highest level of uptime and performance for your hosting, we offer Extended SLA packages. Benefit now with:

  • Faster response times
  • Priority support
  • Discounted hourly rates for Advanced Support
  • Service Monitoring

No contract: Cancel, downgrade and upgrade anytime.

* Service Level Agreement packages are priced per included monthly Advanced Support time. Unused time does not rollover to the next month.
Extra Advanced Support time is quoted for approval before execution at $ 25 per 15 minutes (discounts apply). Package discounts are listed above.

Advanced Support

Get and pay just what you need.

Advanced Support time is quoted for approval at $ 25 per 15 minutes (SLA package discounts apply).

Application updates

Configuring and updating your software correctly keep you safe from known security issues. Updating will also frequently provide feature and speed improvements. This makes it crucial to maintain a healthy hosting and website.


Consulting time is great for talking about new developments, live editing or training. However, the time can be used however you wish.

Content review

Let us guide you through checks to ensure published content is reviewed correctly.*

Content updates

Have us publish, edit and delete content on your website. We can also guide you while doing it yourself.*

Databases & Files

Assistance with database and file management such as backup, cleanup, deletion and modifications.

Image editing

Sometimes its better to make an image smaller in size or brighter in color. Have our creative people help you.*


Speed adjustments on your website are important to make sure your visitors don't leave because it's too slow, it also helps improve the load on our network.

Technical Maintenance

Troubleshooting and Server Maintenance are both common things that confront us every now and then. Solve issues properly with our expertise people.
* Content to be provided by client. We format content into web standards and check for grammar and spelling. May require minor edits.

Get Help.

Do you have an issue? We can help.

Downtime Monitoring included with every extended SLA.

Every 5 minutes we automatically check the status of your Hosting, Website, Email, Databases, DNS and FTP.

Be the first to know when something is not right and have our around-the-clock technicians solve the issue immediately.

Need help? We're always here for you.

Need help? We're always here for you.