Social Media Management

Good marketing isn’t about good storytelling.
It’s about telling a true story well.

Core Media offers full-service Social Media management. Social Media goes much further than ‘’just’’ posting content or ‘’just’’ placing an advertisement. A well-constructed marketing campaign in combination with creativity can increase lead flow and revenue, and spread brand awareness. It is important to devise a sound strategy and create content that contains your core business message.

Social Media Content

A picture says more than a thousand words. A powerful image yields likes and engagement that could lead to positive sales results. Great Social Media needs marketeers, all-round designers, professional text writers and creative camera people. At Core Media, we have all of them.

Social Media Advertising

Whether it's about promoting your daily content or promoting the ultimate deal… we know how to bring content to the attention on different social platforms. Ultimately, it's all about the results. That is why we measure what we do. Every campaign is processed in a report.

  • Formulate a strategy tailored to your objectives
  • Create a content schedule
  • Create content (articles, images, short videos, etc.)
  • Photography & Videography
  • Post content according to agreed schedule
  • Respond to incoming messages
  • Reporting Insights
  • Much more
  • Attract and retain followers
  • Effective for SEO (higher position in Google)
  • Brand awareness
  • Increase in the number of visitors to your website
  • Better and more insight into your target audience
  • Everything about your social media is measurable

Launch & Engage.